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Cafe London Dreams

A London themed cafe is a restaurant that specially curest for the health freaks out there. The restaurant based in the most happening place in Pune and gives a great atmosphere. In today's stressful world, everyone is missing out the nutritional food, Cafe London Dreams is a restaurant which takes care of all your nutritional needs by serving you the full nutrition food you need with high vitamins. Of course, the place is for health-conscious people.

They have their certified nutrition who bakes the mouth-watering nutrition meal. All vegetables and fruits used are procured directly from farms. Food is everyone's weakness and nutritions food is everyone's need. Cafe London Dreams fulfill that needs.

  • Hospitality
  • Branding, Food Menu
  • Nutritional food beams with quality
  • Cafe London Dreams needed to do the branding of the restaurant to increase awareness about their specialty. Also, they want a website that contains all the menu listed. Bizllence worked closely with the Cafe London Dreams marketing and retail teams to identify the needs of the consumer and drive the limits of the online experience. We design the website which full fill all the requirements of the vendor and customer.
  • The website design by us started driving the result for Cafe London Dreams. We first analyze the previous marketing strategy then we design brochures, cards, and standee to increase the branding.